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              FUJIAN XINGGUANG FOOD CO.,LTD. is located in Jiulong Industrial Park, Economic Development Zone, Huaan, Fujian, China, covers an area of 60 acres, is a specialized in food research and development, manufacturing enterprises, professional products : canned fishes :canned mackerel/sardines /tuna , vegetables : canned sweet corn /baby corn /canned lychees ect . maind markets : Russia, European,Southeast Asia, African and south American more than 60 countries and regions in the world

              Since its inception, our company is committed to creating domestic food safety demonstration enterprises, factory workshop building fully absorb the views of industry experience and international experts, in strict accordance with the implementation of regulatory requirements for food safety construction, factory planning, production layout and process design industry to achieve first-class level. The company has established a perfect quality and safety management system, through the HACCP, ISO9001-2008, ISO2000-2005, IFS, BRC, Halal

              Our campany has got the certificate of both China Hygienic Authentification for Exporting ( registered No. :3502/01103 ) and China Industrial Producing License ( certificate No. : SC10935062900112 )

              "To creat a fine brand-name, and to produce health foods for all mankind" is the tenet of our company, "XingGuang food, always good" will always be our goal.

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